UnPlugged Wedding

Planning on a wedding in the future? Attending one??  This is a really great article to read by “Off Beat Bride” !!

So you want to have an unplugged wedding — maybe at least the ceremony. Encouraging your guests to put down their favorite devices can be a delicate dance… as one member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe snapped, “If I was told I had to leave my phone at home, I’d likely stay with it.” Yikes! As with any special request you make of your wedding guests, you need to be sensitive and respectful.

If you’re unsure how to request unplugging in a way that won’t piss off your guests, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve got copy ‘n’ paste wording ideas for your officiant, wedding website, program, invitations — and even a pre-designed printable sign you can post at the venue!  Read more at: http://offbeatbride.com/unplugged-wedding-templates/

unplugged wedding

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